Personal Training Services

Personal Training Services Henry Jeschke

Do you want to loose weight, improve your stamina, increase your muscle power, train individual parts of your body or become more active ?

Your personal training is guided according to your goal and is combined with different forms of training. Work out variations and personal preferences create a interesting training program.

Training forms:

  • Power and endurance training
  • endurance training
  • EMS training
  • Relaxation training
  • Nutrition advising
  • Personal mental coaching
  • Massage 
Power and endurance training 

Power and endurance training:

With this form of training we train muscle power and muscle endurance. Preferably in this field we train with weights, elastic bands and with ones own body weight.

Endurance training

Endurance training:

The main point lies in the endurance training. Here it is similiar to power (and endurance) training. The differance lies mainly in the weights and the repetitions.

 EMS training Mallorca with Henry Jeschke


EMS training: (electro-muscle-stimulation, Miha Bodytec)

You can read up extensivley, how the methode functions on the following pages. Also with EMS training you can train for stamina. Through adjusting the frequenz program one could achieve incredible stamina results.

 Relax Training on Mallorca



Stretching, breathing exercises would be practised with this trainings form. Because the majority of the time  we are unconcious of our breathing, we tend to breath shallow, only when we strain ourselves we breath deeply. Through controlled coaching, the breathing muscles become trained and the breathing volume increases. This increases the sport potencial and at the same time it supports your relaxation and concentration.

 healthy and varied nutrition on Mallorca


Nutrition consultation:

With a healthy and varied nutrition one feels stonger and more efficient. In combination with sports, people feel a lot more fitter and they can reach their desired weight quicker and maintain this on a long term. With an analysis of your diet habits and preparation of a balanced, varied diet you will reach your goal quicker.

 Mental training Mallorca with Henry Jeschke


Mental training:

Motivation, ambition, to reach your goal is a result of way of thinking, doctrine and feelings. To eliminate Blockades, let us find and reach your goal is part of the personal training.

 Relax massage and sport massage Mallorca Henry Jeschke



Massages increases the wellness. After a hard sport activities, through sport massage you can regenerate  quicker the muscles and at the same time prevent injuiries.

A relax massage lets the body and soul totally at ease.





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