Professional Wellnees - and Sport Massage

Professional wellness and sport massage Henry Jeschke

Massage effects more like to relax und to relieve. Regular massages should not be missing, especially after sporty activities and stress.

Sometimes after strenuous sports the muscles fibre can stick together. The consequencies could be tense muscles, head ache, back ache etc. Tensed thigh muscles can lead to knee problems. Especially in these cases sport massage is advisable.

Professional sport massage with Henry JeschkeFurther advantages of a sport massage

  • •         Avoidance of Injuries
  • •         Quicker regeneration periods after sports, competition and injuries
  • •         Better blood circulation and increase of effectivness
  • •         Improvement of the muscle flexibility
  • •         Blockades become resolved
  • •        The effect of relaxation -, wellness- and looseness will increase significantly



Relax and wellness massage MallorcaRelax-, destress massage:

Just for once, to switch off from your daily routine, to think about nothing and let your self go. The sense of this massage is to relax body, mind and soul completely. Depending on the intensity of the tension light to strong movements will be applied.

Like all massages, the relax massage is also customized to your needs.

To let yourself completly destress through empathetic massaging hands, it can be so wounderful !

Thorn therapy:

The Thorn method is a soft manual therapy method, which cures quickly vertebrae- and joint blockades.

With the thorn therapy it is not only treated selectively, but the body is seen, felt and  treated  as a whole. A vertebra displacement, pelvic misalignment could even have  an effect on the feet and this is exactly where the Thorn therapy starts.

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